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Final Color Roughs

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Interface Design Exercise | Design a Travel App for iPhone + Android

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Interface Design Exercise | Design a Travel App for iPhone + Android

This exercise is good for designing interactive interfaces for all screen applications.
Objective: To give students an overview of the design thinking process applied to creating an interactive interface.

Based on your assigned persona outlined below, develop a travel app for the iPhone or Android.

In this exercise you will need to do the following:
1. Name the travel app
2. Organize the content:
– Group content by topic
– Refine topic groups
– Map out the groups in a hierarchical flow chart
3. Sketch out three screens/scenarios
– Home screen w/navigation
– 2nd level screen w/navigation
– 3rd level screen w/navigation
Define what happens on each screen
All work will be done on paper.

– Identify at least 3 types of information that may go on this screen
To share information with others

2. Anonymous Jones
40 years old
MBA Business
Married w/two teens
Lives in San Anselmo, CA, works in San Francisco

Access to different airlines’ mobile sites for pricing information and booking
Access to general information about different countries
– Identify at least 3 types of information that may go on this screen
To share information with others

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Final Project Priliminary Overview

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For my final project I am proposing doing a video game based on bike messenging.


You are a thrill seeking bike messenger. Your job is to pick up and deliver important packages that need to get to there destination quicker than a rush hour minute. You’ll have to deal with oblivious pedestrians, treacherous street car tracks, uncaring dispatchers, all while you life (and Job) are on the line.

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To do this I first sketched out some ideas on paper, while using fonts from my Suitcase Fusion 3 collection. This allowed me to work independently of constraints of using special effects in software applications, while still lending the library that is available from using technology. After that I traced the one I liked best several times so that I had multiple copies of the word to experiment with. I did a little more research using a Google image search for the word “shred” for some more inspiration. I then found an inspiring one at Then I  applied the same technique to one of the copies I traced using pencil and scissors, after that I felt comfortable going into Adobe Illustrator CS5  and using the “merge” pathfinder tool to complete the project.

Mid Term Horoscope

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storyboard copy

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For my mid-term I chose to do a WordPress style template website based on for basic reference and content.

For my color palette I used tertiary (pg 208) colors based on the image of the blue Saturn, which is Capricorn ruling planet.

I used Canata One from Google fonts as my typeface. Its a modern serif bodoni font, which is the easiest to read on long passages (pg 237). Google fonts was a great tool because it lets me choose my fonts like Suitcase Fusion does and is easy to embed in HTML and CSS.

I centered the heading text as conveyance to bring attention to the headings. I have the rest of the text flush left for easy reading (pg 246)

The layout is based off a simple 3 column format (pg208)

The logo of the sea goat is a vector that I made with the pen tool in Illustrator from an image that is common on google searches but were all of low quality.

Conclusion: I had a good time doing this project. I wish I had started it on time and was more on top of my studies this term because I would have done something different. But I am pretty happy with how this turned out. From here I can only improve.


Image of Saturn in the header is from which is a really cool website for finding images of outer space.

Image of sea goat on the home page is from

Image of MLK

Drew Brees

Lisa Lisa

MLK and Drew Brees text taken from Wikipedia.